👩‍đŸ’ŧHow to Register a Delegation Manager?

Delegation Management (Sub-delegation) allows you to reduce the number of delegation transactions you perform with your "Vault Address" by delegating all contract interactions, including changing delegations, to a "Delegated Address."

This ensures your Vault remains cold (not connected) after the initial Delegation Management delegation.

To use Delegation Management (Sub-Delegation) do the following:

  1. With your "Vault Address," perform a single transaction to register a Delegation Manager to your "Delegated Address".

  2. Use the "Delegated Address" with Delegation Management (Sub-delegation) permissions to register future or additional delegations on behalf of the delegator.

Steps on Registering a Delegation Manager:

  1. Launch the Delegation Wizard.

  2. Click on Appoint Delegation Manager and click Next.

  3. Select a specific Collection or choose Any Collection and click Next.

  4. Enter the Delegate Address and click Next.

  5. Review Details, click Submit and execute the transaction.

Please note that if the connected address was assigned by an address as a Delegation Manager after you select the Appoint Delegation Manager Type you will be asked to Select the address for which you want to register a delegation manager. In this case you can select Connected wallet and proceed with the next steps.

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