🔒How to Globally Lock Your Wallet ?

The primary purpose of a Global Lock is to lock your address in order to reject any incoming delegation. While we do not think this will be a common case, we could imagine people doing this to then try to socially engineer a third party by pretending your addresses are related. Note that nobody can delegate on your behalf, in any case.

You should only do this after you have made your own delegations, if you are certain that you do not plan to delegate any more addresses, as you would have to then unlock to accept your own delegations.

To lock your wallet globally:

Method 1:

  1. Click on My Activity.

  2. Select 'Any Collection' from the My Collections Section.

  3. At the bottom of the Manage/View Any Collection page, click the 'Lock Wallet' button.

  4. Execute the transaction.

Method 2:

Within the My Activity Page you can see a set of Actions under My Actions section.

  1. Click on Lock Wallet.

  2. Execute the transaction.

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