🔐How to Delegate using SAFE (formerly GNOSIS) using the Transaction Builder?

This page outlines the process for registering a Delegation Manager (Sub-delegation) to a "Delegated Wallet" using your "Safe Wallet". Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) is a multi-signature smart contract-based wallet often used as a secure vault for NFTs and other tokens. You can find out more about SAFE here. Delegation Management (Sub-delegation) allows you to reduce the number of delegation transactions you perform with your "Vault Address" by delegating all contract interactions, including changing delegations, to a "Delegated Address."

The best approach for most Safe users is to set a Delegation Manager to a hotter address such as a Trezor address. This allows the hotter wallet to make and change delegations on behalf of the Safe without having to sign further transactions from the Safe.

The steps below show how to set a Delegation Manager (Sub-delegation), for all collections and all use cases. If you would like to set a different type of delegation, you would follow the same general process but make different selections for the collection or use cases.

  1. Connect with your "Safe Wallet" here and go to the Transaction Builder app.

  2. In the New Transaction Area:

    • Enter the NFTDelegation.com smart contract Address: 0x2202CB9c00487e7e8EF21e6d8E914B32e709f43d

    • Enter the NFTDelegation.com smart contract ABI. Click here to get the ABI.

  3. In the Transaction Information Area:

    • Select registerDelegationAddress as the Contract Method Selector

    • Enter the value 0x8888888888888888888888888888888888888888 in the collection address box. This value refers to "Any Collection".

    • Enter the delegation address (for the Delegation Manager).

    • Enter the value 64060588800 as the expiry date. This value represents "no expiry date".

    • Enter the value 998 as the Use Case. This value represents "Delegation Management (Sub-delegation)".

    • Enter true in the allTokens input box.

    • Enter 0 in the tokenId input box.

    • Click the 'Add transaction' button.

  4. To Execute the transaction:

    • Click on the 'Create Batch' button.

    • Click on the 'Send Batch' button.

    • Click on the 'Submit' button and execute the transaction.

Please note that if you want to register just a Delegation Action or a consolidation for your Safe wallet you can follow the same steps but you need to change the Use Case value within the Transaction Information Area.

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