🤝How to Register a Consolidation?

A consolidation is used when you want to establish an ownership connection between two addresses, such as combining the Total Days Held (TDH) of multiple wallets that you control.

To create a consolidation between two wallets (e.g., Wallet A and Wallet B), both wallets must register a consolidation with each other.

This means that you need to register a delegation address with consolidation from Wallet A to Wallet B, and vice versa, from Wallet B to Wallet A.

Steps on Registering a Consolidation:

  1. Launch the Delegation Wizard.

  2. Click on Consolidate Wallets Type and click Next.

  3. Select a specific Collection or choose Any Collection and click Next.

  4. Enter the Delegate Address and click Next.

  5. Review Details, click Submit and execute the transaction.

Please note that if the connected address was assigned by an address as a Delegation Manager after you select the Consolidate Wallets Type you will be asked to Select the address for which you want to register a consolidation. In this case you can select Connected wallet and proceed with the next steps.

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